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Mindfulness for Pregnancy, Birthing and Parenting

Practising mindfulness can transform the way we relate to stress and shape the way we lead our lives. It’s particularly useful when it comes to coping with the stresses and strains of pregnancy, birthing and parenting. You might be anxious about your baby’s health or your own health. Perhaps you're frightened about giving birth. Maybe you're worrying about how best to support your partner during labour. Or you're feeling stressed about your finances, your career or how you’ll measure up as a parent. Having a baby is a life-changing event that we’re not well prepared for: it’s no surprise that it’s often a time of great joy mixed with great fear.

Practising mindfulness during pregnancy will help you to manage your fears as well as protect you and your baby from the consequences of too much stress. It'll also help you to parent with kindness and compassion.

I teach mindfulness courses for pregnancy, birthing and parenting to groups, couples and individuals. Please use the contact form to find out more or call me on 07780 991 834 for a chat.