Antenatal mindfulness courses

What will I learn on an antenatal mindfulness course with Eliza?

  • Formal and informal mindfulness practices
  • How to cope with fear and other strong emotions
  • The physiology of labour and birth
  • How to manage pain (including multiple pain practices with ice)
  • Mindful movement for pregnancy, labour and birth
  • Positions for labour and birth
  • Partner support skills for pregnancy, labour and birth
  • The physical, social and emotional needs of a newborn and his/her parents
  • How to use mindfulness to support breast and bottle feeding
  • More about yourself, your partner and the parents you want to be
  • Vital parenting skills, especially kindness and compassion

Antenatal mindfulness courses

What are the benefits of practising mindfulness for pregnancy, birthing and parenting?

  • Increased resilience to the physical and mental stresses and strains of pregnancy, birthing and parenting
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Reduced risk of perinatal anxiety and depression
  • Improved connection with yourself, your baby and your partner
  • Enhanced confidence with regards to parenting
  • Birthing and feeding education
  • Being part of a community of people facing the same joys and challenges of expecting a baby, giving birth and parenting
  • See James’s testimonial video to hear about his experience of mindfulness for pregnancy, birthing and parenting.

I run group antenatal mindfulness courses throughout the year in and around Oxford. Most courses consist of 8 sessions plus a reunion session once your baby has been born. Prices vary depending on course location. Your partner (or birth companion) will benefit from a generous discount if he or she comes with you. If you'd like to work with me privately as an individual or couple, please call me on 07780 991 834 for a chat or contact me for further details.

Upcoming courses and events:

  • Mindfulness for Pregnancy, Birthing and Parenting ~ *NEW* 8-week course for expectant parents beginning 11 January 2020 ~ hosted by Estia Wellspace, 6 King Street, Oxford OX2 6DF. For more info, please call me on 07780 991 834 or contact me.