From the absolute bottom of my heart, I cannot express how thankful and over-appreciative I am for everything you taught me. I will scream your name in recommendation from every roof! I know more than anything in the world that I would not have got through the past three months, let alone the labour without your teachings. Your voice was my guardian angel in that labour suite. In all decisions I made (every single one going against how I thought it would turn out!), I could just hear you saying 'be in this moment, be kind to yourself, be non judgemental'.Jess
I’d recommend this course as an alternative to NCT – it is much more helpful for the actual birth and, by building up a practice of mindfulness over the course of your pregnancy, it puts you in much better stead for managing the challenges of parenting too!Catriona
I approached Eliza because I was pregnant with my third baby and suffering from anxiety owing to the very difficult delivery of my first baby. One thing I liked was that Eliza tailored the course to suit me and the fact that I was having a planned C-section and not a natural birth. I found the experience very valuable and insightful and continue to practise mindfulness in my everyday life now.Beth
I approached Eliza because I was expecting my second child and I was terribly anxious. She showed me that I already had inside me all the tools I needed to birth my baby. The result was life-changing. Not only did I have the birth experience that I hadn’t thought possible, I began employing mindfulness techniques in many other areas of my life.  I am eternally grateful to Eliza.  As a result of the classes with her, I am more present at home with my family and two years on, I still notice the benefits in my everyday life.Juliette
We just had our second baby.  My wife says Eliza's course licked me into great shape as a birth partner.  I wasn't terribly involved first time round but second time, I was able to offer practical as well as moral support.  I felt much more connected to my wife and our baby afterwards.Jamie
I found mindfulness so helpful that I gave up smoking!Liam
I experienced a traumatic birth and had post-natal depression with my first child so I was very anxious and nervous about the labour and birth of my second child.  Eliza helped me to relax and showed me a variety of techniques to cope with the pain of labour.  Although I had another traumatic experience, I was a lot calmer during labour and I wasn't angry about having to have an unplanned C-section in the end.  Eliza also helped me after the birth to deal with the stress of looking after a baby and a toddler.  Mindfulness has really changed my perspective about parenting, helping me to raise happy children and a happy Mummy.Mattie